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The integration of the European solid Earth science community, both geographically and across Earth science disciplines, will be the backbone of the EPOS enterprise. Therefore, the EPOS initiative is one of community building!

For the success of the EPOS enterprise it is vital that a wide and relevant audience is involved with its goals, activities and organisation.


The EPOS community is open and inclusive, and made up of various stakeholders willing to:


  • Optimize the use and development of the best Research Infrastructures for solid Earth science, as well as providing a wider and more efficient access to it.


  • Help to overcome ‘fragmentation’ by structuring the community in order to make it highly competitive and synergic with its counterparts.


 The EPOS community is diverse and can be grouped into:


  • Disciplinary data providers: producers of direct observations, as well as modelling experts providing models and model outputs, together delivering the raw input to the EPOS services from separated networks, observatories, temporary deployments, labs, modelling facilities, etc.


  • Users: academics, governmental and industrial scientists, scholars and students interested in the use of EPOS services for scientific as well as societal purposes.


  • National and regional consortia: organised collectives rooted on solid national or regional grounds, representing the Earth science community in a specific part of Europe and leveraging the local effect needed to secure national funding.


  • Related initiatives: disciplinary, technical, international projects, networks or organisations that are closely related to EPOS and even realise parts of the EPOS enterprise.



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