As with the disciplinary data providers, also the EPOS user community is broad. We identify a number of user groups for the EPOS services, each having its own needs and interests.


  • Academics / research community – Ph.D. level: This group is mainly interested in fundamental research involving innovative and novel use of Earth science data.

  • Applied research community: These users mainly come from industry or governmental environments, and are likely to be more interested in community standard ready-to-use interactive products with a good quality control and well defined and traceable work-flows.

  • Scientists associated with decision makers: Industrial and governmental stakeholders with decision-making positions in collaboration with specific researchers may require more standardized products and interactive data and model testing with well-established models.

  • University education below Ph.D. level: This group typically requires training material for university education, (small-scale) products and exercises for training in (cross-)disciplinary use of data and models.

  • College students and scholars: For this group of potential future Earth scientists EPOS requires attractive and easily understandable products and classroom material.


To provide the EPOS user community – as well as other stakeholders such as governments and funding agencies – with more information on the scientific benefits and services of EPOS, an EPOS Science Plan is currently under construction. This Science Plan will be EPOS’ contribution to a broader Road Map for Solid Earth Science Research in Europe. For more information, visit the Earth Science Europe website.


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