Our Data Products, Services and Resources

 EPOS will coordinate, collect and archive high-quality data from a range of Solid Earth science disciplines across Europe. Using state-of-the-art software and computational facilities EPOS will integrate this data and information and make it available in a variety of formats, including multidisciplinary products, resources and services.

EPOS aims to make the data we hold as free and as accessible as possible for everyone. To better direct our stakeholders to the data they need as quickly as possible we will endeavour to group our data into portals which service the needs of:

  • Central and Local Government

  • Academia, Researchers and Geological Surveys

  • Land use planners and developers

  • Environmental organisations

  • Emergency services and disaster mitigation groups

  • Commercial Businesses and Industry

  • Transport, Travel and Tourism

  • Media, Schools and the Public

  • Multidisciplinary users


All data products and services will be available through a portal where the different data types can be overlaid and interrogated. Bespoke data processing and models can be compiled upon request. Accredited researchers will also be able to get access to the software and high performance computing systems.













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