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Dissemination Materials:


EPOS template (pdf format)

EPOS headed paper


EPOS Figures:

EPOS infrastructure schema

EPOS timeline

EPOS functional architecture

EPOS Governance



2011, GEO VIII Plenary Assembly, Istanbul, Turkey: General poster


2012, ICRI, Copenhagen, Denmark: What is EPOS? (poster)


2013, EGU, Vienna, Austria: poster EPOS Architecture


2014, GEO X Plenary Assembly, Geneve, Switzerland:

- poster EPOS general description

- poster EPOS & Supersites projects interaction

- poster EPOS & Supersites projects: Data Policy & Access Rules & IT innovation


2014, ICRI, Athens, Greece: EPOS functional Architecture & Thematic Core Services



Brochure 2010

Brochure 2011

Brochure 2012

Brochure 2013

Brochure 2014: EPOS added value



EPOS newsletter flipbooks (2011-2014) (download them here)



2012, Preliminary Achievements

2012, What is EPOS?

2014, EPOS architecture



2011, EPOS bookmark

2013, EPOS pin

2014 EPOS stickers



EPOS - European Plate Observing System -- Community Services


EPOS - European Plate Observing System - USE CASES - the future of integrated services

Press releases (Announcements):

November 2010, Kickoff meeting: EPOS announcement

October 2014, EPOS PP Final meeting, INGV announcement (in Italian)


Press Clippings:

Articles about EPOS:


2012, Alberto Michelini (INGV), European Plate Observing System: EPOS and its involvement in VERCE, Verce newsletter

2012, Massimo Cocco, European Plate Observing System: Why are we involved in EUDAT?, in EUDAT newsletter

Published articles:

2011, Cocco M., Ludden J., van Eck T., Rock-solid Earth, International Innovation, Research Media Ltd, p.13-15. (download here the pdf file)


2013, Cocco M., Strengthening the EU's Earth sciences, International Innovation, Research Media Ltd, p. 25-27. (download here the pdf file)


2013, ResearchItaly, MIUR, INGV’s international programs: a new avenue for understanding our planet


2014, Bailo D., Jeffery K. G., EPOS: A Novel Use of CERIF for Data-intensive Science,  Procedia Computer Science, V. 33, 2014, p. 3-10, ISSN 1877-0509, (download the file here)


2014, Jeffery G. K, Bailo D., EPOS: Using Metadata in Geoscience, Metadata and Semantics Research/8th Research Conference, MTSR 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany, November 27-29, 2014. Proceedings, Springer International Publishing, V. 478, p.170-184




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