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epos newsletter 02/February2014


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The EPOS Newsletter is aimed at disseminating news, events and research developments relevant to  the EPOS Community and to the Solid Earth Science Community.



The newsletter is dedicated to all people interested in EPOS activities, those who want to stay informed about the integration between the national Research Infrastructures and the latest developments of the prototype e-science platform upon which EPOS will rely.
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The Editorial Board invites all participants to contribute to the EPOS Newsletter with articles, news, announcements or comments. The information received will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. All texts reviewed will be included in EPOS Newsletter (additional information on how to submit articles).




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epos newsletter 02/February2014

Issue n. 02/2014 February

- The EPOS Working Groups Coordination Workshop in Prague

- MEDiterranean SUpersite Volcanoes (MED-SUV) project: a Supersites GEO initiative

epos newsletter 01/January2014

Issue n. 01/2014 January

- EPOS Iberian Regional Conference

- EPOS Socio Economic Impact study

epos newsletter 08/November 2013

Issue n. 08/2013 November

- Time to harvest the outcomes of our excellent work together

- EPOS summer workshop in ERICE

epos newsletter 07/July 2013

Issue n. 07/2013 July

- EuroGEOSS: a European approach to GEOSS

- MeMoVolc. Research Networking Programme of the ESF in volcano eruption dynamics

epos newsletter 06/June2013

Issue n. 06/2013 June

- New Directions in Seismic Hazard Assessment Through Focused Earth Observation in the MARmara SuperSITE

- From the SHARE Consortium

epos newsletter 05/May 2013

Issue n. 05/2013 May

- FUTURVOLC: A European volcanological supersite in Iceland - a monitoring system and network for the future

- AHEAD, the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data

epos newsletter 04/Apr 2013

Issue n. 04/2013 April

- EPOS at EGU: addressing integration of multidisciplinary solid earth data

- EPOS Seismological Services: Building a Common Vision

epos newsletter 03/Mar 2013

Issue n. 03/2013 March

- EPOS Nordic Regional Conference

- LifeWatch Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research

epos newsletter 02/feb 2013

Issue n. 02/2013 February

- The Global Volcano Model a natural EPOS partner

- Observing the atmosphere with Instrumented Aircraft

epos newsletter 01/jan 2013

Issue n. 01/2013 January

- The Svalbard integrated Earth observing system (SIOS)

- Infrastructure for GeoResources


Issue n. 12/2012 December

- Governmental support towards EPOS construction phase

- INTERMAGNET and Magnetic Observatories

Newsletter 11

Issue n. 11/2012 November

- The Definition and Evolution of ICT systems for EPOS

- OneGeology-Europe: A Huge Step Forward!

EPOS newsletter_Issue n.10/2012 October

Issue n. 10/2012 October

- Russ Evans and the organizing committee report on the EPOS Integration Meeting “Planning for Construction” held in Prague September 17 - 20, 2012

 Issue n. 09/2012 September

- NEMOH - EU-FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network

- OpenQuake - An open-source software for seismic hazard and risk assessment

EPOS newsletter 2012/08 August

Issue n. 08/2012 August

- The first European OBS workshop

- ERA-MIN: a pan-European network to foster research in the industrial production and supply of raw materials

Newsletter Issue n. 07/2012 July

Issue n. 07/2012 July

- Terrafirma brings terrain motion monitoring to EPOS

Issue n. 06/2012 June

- Global challenges for seismological data analysis.
- REAKT - Strategies and tools for Real Time EArthquake RisK ReducTion

newsletter issue 05/2012

Issue n. 05/2012 May

- EUDAT unveils new data services as part of the...
- DAnube Cross-border System for Earthquakes Alert 

EPOS Newsletter 03/2012

Issue n.04/2012 April

- Retrospective of the 1st EPOS Regional Conference 
- TOPOIBERIA and its array infrastructure IBERARRAY 

Epos newsletter issue 03/2012

 Issue n.03/2012 March

- IT coordination workshop: EPOS Seismology’ in De Bilt
-RESIF, the French national initiative for EPOS, receives 9.3 MEuros 

EPOS Newsletter 02/2012

 Issue n.02/2012 February

- ENVRI - overcoming the environmental challenges...
-Laboratory of Triggered and Induced Seismicity THAIS initiative 

EPOS Newsletter 01/2012

 Issue n. 01/2012 January

- EuroGeoSurveys
- AlpArray: an initiative for broad co-operation in broadband seismology 

EPOS Newsletter 07

Issue n. 07/2011 December

- EPOS PP - First year achievements and priorities for Year 2

EPOS Newsletter 06

Issue n.06/2011 November 

- Engaging data provider communities
- The irst annual meeting of the EPOS Working Group 4 “Geodetic Data and Infrastructures” 

EPOS Newsletter 05


 Issue n.05/2011

epos newsletter 04


Issue n.04/2011

EPOS Newsletter 03


Issue n.03/2011

newsletter n.2 thumbnail

Issue n.02/2011

newsletter n.1 thumbnail


Issue n.01/2011

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EPOS Newsletter is dedicated to all people interested in EPOS activities, those who want to stay informed about the integration between the national Research Infrastructures and the latest developments of the e-science platform.

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