The Implementation Phase - Introduction


The EPOS Implementation Phase (2014-2019) includes the EPOS IP project (2015-2019) and the EPOS-ERIC establishment.


The EPOS Implementation Phase roadmap has been conceived to coincide with the EPOS IP project. In this way, EPOS will provide a new world-class research infrastructure by 2019.


The EPOS architecture and implementation plan rely on actions performed at national and European level:

  • securing of current national funds to NRI (maintenance and operation), and support to existing TCS;

  • ERIC entries into force during 2016-2017 with participation of countries that have signed the LoI;

  • suitable host premium contribution for ECO (already guaranteed by Italy) and for ICS-C (expected to be known in 2015) to minimize EPOS-ERIC operational costs;

  • national support to TCS implementation through national initiatives and in-kind contributions;

  • EC funds for EPOS implementation phase dedicated to TCS and ICS development;

  • other projects during the implementation phase (2015-2019) to further develop TCS components;

  • third-party contributions from the private and government sector.



In 2015 the EPOS-ERIC interim office, already established at INGV (Italy), will coordinate the activities necessary to discuss with the BGR the launch of the call to host the ICS central hub (ICS-C).


The EPOS BGR will decide the ICS-C host country within the beginning of 2016. This implies that the experts in charge of building the ICS-C will collaborate with EPOS IP personnel involved in WP6 and WP7 to develop the services that will make the EPOS infrastructure operational at the end of the implementation phase.


EPOS IP will facilitate the legal establishment of the ERIC in the INGV in Italy as well as the creation of EPOS integrated services (ICS-C). It will change the way national governments will view Earth sciences research in creating synergies, optimising best practices, exchanging standards and joint development of new technology.


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