EPOS-ERIC introduction

After deep assessment of all possible legal solutions EPOS endorsed the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) as the most appropriate legal choice to manage its distributed Pan European Research Infrastructures and offices.


The ERIC-mandated elements are central to the success of EPOS: a General Assembly (GA) of members will be the organization’s governing body. The current Board of Governmental Representatives (BGR) will transform into the GA once the ERIC will be operational. An Executive Director, supported by its Coordination Office (ECO), will be directly responsible to the GA for all aspects of the EPOS activities. A Services Coordination Board (SCB) representing all the TCS and the ICS will inform and advice the Executive Director in formulating and executing the EPOS Annual Work Programme.


To foster coordination, the SCB of the EPOS-ERIC will be established in the EPOS IP project, initially as an internal technical coordination body with the intention to become the foreseen ERIC SCB.


During the implementation phase the EPOS-ERIC legal entity will be composed of the Executive and Coordination Office (ECO), representing the ERIC legal seat that will be hosted in Rome (Italy), and by the ICS central hub (ICS-C) whose headquarter location will be decided in 2016.


During this phase the TCS will be legally outside the ERIC, with the aim to integrate them when possible in the subsequent years.


According to its statute and bylaws EPOS  will secure on a common and shared data policy  the open access and the transparent use of data, services and Research Infrastructures of the solid Earth science communities and to guarantee mutual respect of the Intellectual Property Rights.


The EPOS ERIC is expected to start to be operational by January 1st 2017.



EPOS-ERIC Sections

EPOS-ERIC Sections

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