Implementation Phase Project - Introduction


On 31 October 2014 EPOS finished its Preparatory Phase project which was funded by the European Commission under FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) and started four years before on November 1st, 2010.


On May 2014 EPOS has been classified by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) one of the three priority infrastructures mature enough to be under implementation in 2015-2016 and whose timely implementation is considered essential to extend the frontiers of knowledge in the fields concerned.


On January 2015 EPOS participated to the Call for Developing new world-class research infrastructures: Infradev-3-2015 Individual implementation and operation of the ESFRI projects and obtaining in April 2015 the funds for its implementation; the EPOS IP project will start on October 1st, 2015 and it will end on October the 30th 2019.






Implementation Phase project Sections


Implementation Phase project Sections

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