Preparatory phase - Introduction

EPOS is a long-term integration plan that aims to create a single sustainable, permanent and distributed solid Earth science infrastructure that includes geophysical monitoring networks, local observatories, experimental & analogue laboratories in Europe and integrated satellite data information.

This EPOS plan was the result of a conceptual phase (2002 – 2008) at the end of which EPOS was included in the European roadmap for research infrastructures by ESFRI.

Currently EPOS is in the Preparatory Phase (2010 – 2014) for which the FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) of the European Commission has provided funding.


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In preparation of the next phase – the Construction Phase – the Preparatory Phase project aims at:


  • Establishing efficient coordination and management of the infrastructure at European level that will govern the process of building the necessary components, the expenditure assessment and the outreach at project level;

  • Reaching mutual agreement among the countries involved regarding the future legal entity and its governance structure as well as commitments for funding that will ensure the construction of the infrastructure and its long-term operation;

  • Integrating existing national and disciplinary research infrastructures;

  • Developing an innovative and coherent e-infrastructure architecture for the future EPOS disciplinary and multi-disciplinary services;

  • Linking EPOS to other international Earth Observing Systems;

  • Promoting coherent training, educational and dissemination programmes and outreach.

Preparatory Phase project Sections

Preparatory Phase project Sections

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